Friday, 28 October 2011


*Brand New - Bought from LONDON
Selling : RM18.00


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

RM15.00 EACH ITEM * inclusive of local postage

 AE001 Vintage Dangling Charm Earrings

 AE002 Bear and Rocking Horse Dangling Earrings

AE003 Vintage Crystals Earrings

RM25.00 each item *inclusive of local postage

Pink Dior Beauty Pouch *SOLD
 BE001 Dior Beauty Cosmetic Pouch (PINK) Brand New (SOLD)

 BE002 Christian Dior Cosmetic Pouch (DENIM) NEW

 BE003 Lancome Plastic Flowery Pouch

 BE004 Bling and Pearls Chain Belt

 BE005 MNG cardholder *used

 BE006 Revlon Cosmetic Pouch with Mirror  *NEW

 BE007 DIOR Replica Pearl Dangling Earrings *NEW

BE008 Vivien Westwood Inspired Earrings  *NEW

 BE009 Pierced Earrings *NEW

 BE010 Vintage Charm Necklace *seasoned

 BE011 DIOR inspired pendant  *NEW

 BE012 Nice Big Round Pendant *NEW

 BE013 Beary Heart Pendant *NEW

 BE014 24k Gold Plated Key Charm  *NEW fm USA

 BE015 24k Gold Plated Star& Moon Charm *NEW fm USA

 BE016 24K Gold Plated Moon Charm * New Fm USA

 BE017 24K Gold Plated Bingo Board Charm * Good Condition Fm USA)

 BE018 MNG Stylo Big Chain Necklace * Never been used

 BE019 Black Chunk Beaded Necklace *Good Condition

 BE020 Real Pearls on Silver Plated Bracelet *NEW

 BE021 Multi Pearly Beaded Choker * NEW

 BE022 Shell Crafted Choker Pendant *NEW

 BE023 Vintage Earrings

BE024 Blue Pendant Choker